Serving the Archdiocese;

Working to serve the Archdiocese, to show witness to our faith and embracing opportunities to make a difference so that together, as a Trust of Catholic Schools  we will provide a high quality, rounded education for all young people, so that they develop their full uniqueness and potential.

Support our Family of Schools;

Celebrating and sharing the strengths and good practice that exists in all of our schools for the benefit of all the teachers and young people.

Sharing our Catholic beliefs and values;

Our strength lies in our shared catholic belief and values and this is integral to everything we set out to achieve within our Trust. Our collaboration is founded upon a strong bond that inspires a caring ethos which is expressed in relationships within and beyond our Catholic schools.

Developing staff;

Initiating and leading staff CPD that offers dynamic networks for professional development and the sharing of good practice across all of our schools and colleges.

Creating opportunities for students;

To work together by providing opportunities for our students to reflect upon current events and issues across our schools through activities that enables students to develop individually and gain a shared purpose and perspective. The enrichment of pupil life – intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, social and emotional